16- I have a Windows™ 10, 8, 7 or Vista operating system and my DecoTech saved files have disappeared.

If you need to recover your missing files, click here for the instructions.  (Requires a good Windows knowledge.)

To know The complete story about this trouble and where exactly are your missing files, click here.
You will find there useful information to avoid this same trouble with your other software.

Procedure to fix the trouble without recovering your missing files

You cannot install a DecoTech version 6.08 (or lower) on Windows 7 or Vista and simply update it to version 6.09 (or higher).  That will not fix anything and the trouble will stay there.  To definitely fix the trouble you must do a fresh new installation by running a DecoTech installation application version 6.09 (or higher).

If you do not have in hands a DecoTech version 6.09 (or higher) Master CD-Rom, then look for the appropriated link, based on your serial number, directly at the bottom of the main Tech Support webpage.

Do the normal installation and use your actual version 6.xx serial number and numerical key.  It is strongly recommended to install the DecoTech software in the default "C:\DDS Inc\DecoTech\" folder.


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