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DecoTech Pro v7.80 English Metric (cm)
Installation instructions

This is a temporary webpage that will be eventually replaced by a fully automated installation application.
Do not forget that you can call us for installation assistance.

Click the following link to download the auto-decompress application that contains the complete DecoTech Pro version 7.80 main folder : vip_dp7_en_cm_780_without_mediafiles.exe (190MB)

Once the auto-decompress application is downloaded, simply open/run/execute it.  The Windows operating system will, as usual, ask you to confirms this action.

The following 4 screen captures indicate you the next steps.


The Scene Editor application opens and you may be asked to insert your USB DecoTech Pro Electronic Keyring if you did not purchase yet a license of use.

In the upper right corner there is a small square button containing a white question mark.  Click on it to open the following popup menu.  Select Miscellaneous, then Recreate the Shortcuts, then one or both of the two choices to recreate the shortcuts.

If you are a new DecoTech Pro user, the quickest way to learn how to use the Scene Editor application is by reading at least the chapters 2 and 3 from the Instruction Manual.  You can access it by the same popup menu described above.  This video tutorial is also available :  How to create custom crown molding on the top of cabinets


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