15- How to prevent future troubles with the Windows™ 10, 8, 7 or Vista operating system.

If you are using a Windows™ 7 or Vista operating system, you must use the DecoTech installation application version 6.09 (or higher) to install the DecoTech software for the first time.  It should be installed in the "C:\DDS Inc\DecoTech\" folder, but one thing for sure, it should never be installed in the "C:\Program Files\" folder.

Updating an already installed DecoTech version 6.08 (or lower) to version 6.09 (or higher) will not fix anything and the troubles will eventually come.  If you are already in this situation, please go read topic #16.

If you do not have in hands a DecoTech version 6.09 (or higher) Master CD-Rom, then look for the appropriated link, based on your serial number, directly at the bottom of the main Tech Support webpage.

To get more information about the troubles we are talking about, click here.
You will find there useful information to avoid this same trouble with your other software.


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