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DecoTech v6.11 Master CD-Rom Downloads
These downloads ONLY work for registered users of version 6.xx.

These downloadable files are auto-extracting applications those will create, on your computer hard disk, a folder that will contain all the files present on the original CD-Rom.

Below, choose the link corresponding to your actual DecoTech version >= 6.00 and <= 6.09.  If you have a DecoTech Designer, do not waste your time downloading the DecoTech Pro because without the electronic key, the only thing you will be able to run is an evaluation version!  If your actual DecoTech version is lower than 6.00, those two files are useless for you until you purchase the upgrade from v5.xx to v6.xx.

Save the downloaded file somewhere you can easily find it.

DecoTech Designer v6.11 Master CD-Rom contents    (For S/N beginning with DD 11# 1## ###)
File : "dd611_master_cd-rom.exe"
Size : 74.7MB (78,357,280 bytes)
DecoTech Pro v6.11 Master CD-Rom contents    (For S/N beginning with DP 2## 1## ###)
File : "dp611_master_cd-rom.exe"
Size : 118MB (124,658,464 bytes)

Once the file is downloaded, you simply have to run it and follow its instructions.  After the CD-Rom folder is created and its files extracted, the auto-extracting application will start immediately the CD-Rom installation application of DecoTech version 6.11 for Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2000 / NT4.0 SP5 / ME / 98SE.

Later, when you will have time, we suggest you to burn yourself a DecoTech version 6.11 CD-Rom and trash any previous version CD-Rom of DecoTech.  Be sure to keep your actual version 6.xx serial number and numerical key with the new burned CD-Rom.  A JPG image file of the CD-Rom label can be found in the root of the extracted CD-Rom folder.  If you are not using that image to create the label of your burned CD-Rom, at least write on the top of your burned CD-Rom the information found on that image.

Note: The label of the burned CD-Rom should be DECOTECH.  To be an auto-run CD-Rom, your burned CD-Rom should contains the contents of the extracted folder, and not the folder itself.  In other words, when you select your CD drive to view its contents, you should see a "DecoTech" folder, the "Autorun.inf" file, a JPG image file of the CD-Rom label and the "Setup.exe" application file.

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