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DecoTech Pro is a professional 3D interior space design software for Windows.

Powerful and sophisticated, yet affordable and easy to use, this indoor layout software is ideal for the kitchen specialist, decorator, designer, architect, contractor or anyone else planning interior home renovation projects in metric or imperial measurements.

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Website map :

  • Home : This page.
  • News : Most recent news about DecoTech software and events.
  • Gallery : 3D perspective samples of what you can do with the DecoTech software.
  • Brochure : Description of each of the six programs available in the DecoTech software suite.
  • Guided Tour : Slides show of how to use the Scene Editor application to do a customized design.
  • Products : Detailed list of the different DecoTech packages, items and services.
  • To Order : On-line order (or print and mail us the filled order form).
  • Free Demos : Evaluation versions of our DecoTech Pro software.
  • FAQ : Frequently Asked Question about our software.
  • Trade Room : Place for DecoTech users to exchange their knowledge and drawings with others.
  • Tech Support : Technical support information, on-line troubleshooting and tips.
  • Contact Us : How to contact us if you need more information.
  • Links : Links to other interesting websites and products.


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