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Pattern Editor program
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Create your own pattern libraries!  DecoTech™ software allows you a virtually unlimited range of window and door styles, appliances, ceramic wall and floor tiles, wallpapers and indoor accessories.

Repeated patterns are another flexible feature.  You can specify any shape or size and repeat this on any object surface (such as a wallpaper or tile) to create a custom pattern.

DecoTech™ also lets you work with Extendible pattern types.  Take a pattern of unspecified size and adapt it automatically to a window, appliance or other surface where it is applied.

You can also use Adaptable patterns with specified relative horizontal and/or vertical positioning that fit automatically with other object attributes (such as handle placement on various door styles).

Editing features : Real Time 3D Preview, Copy, Paste, Merge, Scale, 90-degree Rotation, Horizontal/Vertical Flip, Horizontal/Vertical Toggle Flags, Relative Positions in Percentage, 8 Brush shapes.

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